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SIGeGov Publications
Innovative Technologies for Smart Governance: Selected eGovernance Initiatives 2022new
Souvenir of CSeGA 2022new
Digital Governance for Digital Society Selected eGovernance Initiatives - 2021
eGovernance Awards Souvenir 2020-21
Report of 19th CSI SIG eGovernance Awards
New Era in Digital Governance: Selected eGovernance initiatives 2020
eGovernance Awards Souvenir 2019-20
Report of 18th CSI SIG eGovernance Awards
Towards Digital Transformation - Selected eGovernance Initiatives 2019
eGovernance Awards Souvenir 2018-19
Report of 17th CSI SIG eGovernance Awards
Citizen Empowerment through eGovernance
eGovernance Awards Souvenir 2017-18
Report of 16th CSI SIG eGovernance Awards
Digital Empowerment - A cornerstone for eGovernance
E Governance Awards SOUVENIR 2016-17
Leveraging Technology Towards Digital Transformation
E Governance Awards SOUVENIR 2015-16
Digital India in Action, Selected eGovernance Initiatives-2015
E Governance Awards SOUVENIR 2014-15
Envisioning a Digital India
E Governance Awards SOUVENIR 2013-14
Compendium of Selected eGovernance Initiatives in India
Inclusive Growth Compendium
CSI-SIGeGOV Annual Report 1 Apr 2011 to 31 March 2012
eRatna for Gujarat
E-Governance Policies and Practices
Widening e-Governance Canvas: Selected e-Governance Initiatives in India (2011)
mGovernance future in Indian context: CSIC Oct 2011 issue
Cover Story - Thirty years of eGovernance in CSI: CSIC Nov 2011 issue
Capacity Building for e-Governance: Learning by Doing Methodology
Enablers of Change : Selected e-Governance Initiatives in India 2009-10
Proceedings of National Conference on eGovernance and eSecurity (NCEGS-2010) held on 11-12 Dec 2010 at Allahabad
Fostering e-Governance CoverPage
Fostering e-Governance
Selected Compendium of Indian Initiatives - Edited By Piyush Gupta, R k Bagga ,A Sridevi
Critical Thinking in e-Governance - Edited by Jaijit Bhattacharya
Emerging Technologies in e Government – Edited by G.P.Sahu
E Governance in Practice – Edited by Amitabh Ojha
Transforming Government - E-governance Initiatives in India – Edited by Dr.R.K.Bagga & Piyush Gupta
Compendium of eGovernance Initiatives in India
Part – I Edited by Dr.R.K.Bagga & Piyush Gupta
Part – II Edited by Dr.R.K.Bagga & Piyush Gupta
Critical Issues on eGovernance Compiled by Dr.Sita Vanka, K.Sriram & Dr.Ashok Agarwal
eGovernance Case Studies Edited by Dr Ashok Agarwal
Foundations of e Government - Edited by Ashok Agarwal & V.Venkata Ramana
Towards Next Generation e Government Edited by Jaijit Bhattacharya
Adopting e Governance Edited by G.P.Sahu
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