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Towards Next Generation E-government
Editors: Jaijit Bhattacharya

Technology Policy: Interoperability and Standards
1. Selected Aspects of Interoperability in One-stop Government Portal of India Rakhi Tripathi, M.P. Gupta and Jaijit Bhattacharya

2. Interoperability of e-Government Information Systems: A Survey Dibakar Ray, Umesh Gulla and Shefali S Dash

3. Data Standardization for e-Governance a Practical Approach Sriram Kavikondala, V Ramana Rao Vishnubhotla, Subba Rao Ghanta and Madhav Pulipati

4. Backward Compatibility-A Case of Interoperability of Application Programs for E-Governance H.M. Jha “Bidyarthi”, P.V. Bokad and Ashish K. Srivastava

5. Challenges of Multilingualism and possible approach for standardization of e-governance solutions in India Swaran Lata and Somnath Chandra

Enterprise Architecture and Government Data Centers
6. State Data Center: Top Ten Design Parameters Ajay Ahuja

7. A Typology of E-Governance Operational Information Systems Tasks Sameer Prasad, Jasmine Tata, William Dougan and David Munro

8. Classification of IT Governance Tools for Selecting the Suitable One in an Enterprise Fatemeh NasserEslami, Mehdi Fasanghari and Ali Abdollahi

9. Basel II Enterprise Architecture: Guidelines for Regulators and Banks Umar Rafi

10. The Empowered Internet Payment Gateway Ved Prakash Gulati and Shilpa Srivastava

11. Over-viewing Development Methodologies in the Context of e-Government Shawren Singh

12. Successful IT Technical Framework for E-Governance Based on Malaysian Case Study Sundresan Perumal, Norita Md Norwawi and Premma Rajarethinam

13. Decision Making Framework for Modeling an Integrated Reverse Logistics System Subhash Wadhwa, Jitendra Madaan

Privacy & Security
14. Security Issues in Mobile Payment Systems Shivani Agarwal, Mitesh Khapra, Bernard Menezes and Nirav Uchat

15. Cultural Influences on Antecedents and Consequence of Trust in e-Governance: A Conceptual Framework Boudhayan Ganguly and Satya Bhushan Dash

16. A Strategic Insight into Electronic Government, Data Collection and Privacy Issues in India Ranjan Chaudhuri

17. Data Privacy & Right to Information: The Phenomenon of Strategic Control & Conflicting Interests Sharique Rizvi

18. Digital Watermarking for Secure E-Government Framework Dilip Kumar Sharma, Vinay Kumar Pathak and G.P. Sahu

19. Analysis of Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure (ICT) Vulnerabilities in Indian Context M.M. Chaturvedi, MP Gupta and Jaijit Bhattacharya

Workflow and Process Re-engineering
20. A Business Process Reengineering and e-governance model-KAVERI of Karnataka Radhakumari Challa

21. Reengineering in Road Transport Systems through GIS and GPS Reena Sethi

22. Workflow based E-governance Applications : Case Study of Wf-Bhulekh Susanta Kumar Mohapatra, Dipak Das, Bibekananda Das, Jagannath Prasad Bakshi, Susant Kumar Panda

23. Web Based Educational Systems Kunjal Maheshwari and Deepankar Boro

24. E-learning : An overview Vijayalaxmi Sirohi

25. Premark: A System Designed to Organising Course Work for Assessment Ambikesh Jayal, Michelle Cartwright and Martin Shepperd

26. An Evaluation of E-Learning Standards Ambikesh Jayal and Martin Shepperd

Next Generation e-Governance
27. 2D Bar Code Authenticated RORs:Innovative use of 2D bar Code and Hashing Technology to provide authenticated and verifiable copies of ROR Anurag Rastogi and Gurpreet Singh

28. Thin Clients: Secure and Cost Effective Client Access Devicess for Government Organisations Ajay Ahuja and Neena Ahuja

29. Application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Techniques in E-Governance Siddartha Ghosh and Sameen S Fatima

30. GLCS: A Generic Location Coding System for e-Governance Applications Susanta Kumar Mohapatra and Jagannath Prasad Bakshi

31. A Discrete Event Simulation Model for Awarding of Works Contract in the Government-A Case Study Sidhartha S. Pathi and Pratap K.J. Mohapatra

32. M-Government-Module Technology for E-Government Manish Kumar and Omesh Prasad Sinha

33. IVRS Based Bill Payment System: Tele-Bhuktan Sanjay Dubey

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Towards Next Generation E-government
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