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Adopting E-governance
Editors: G P Sahu

Change Management
1. Organization Culture in ICT Implementation and Knowledge Management in Spanish and India Universities: A Conceptual Model Gunmala Suri

2. Full Circle of Governance: How to Leverage Age Old Organic Structure of Governance Vishal Singh

3. Adoption of Enterprise Applications Towards E-Government – A Select Case Study of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Niraj Prakash and Umesh Gulla

4. E-Government Adoption and Diffusion: Lessons from the Outsourcing Industry Sunil Godse

5. E-Government Adoption and Diffusion Saibal Sarkar

6. E-Governance: Overcoming Obstacles Through Effective Human Resource Management Strategies Shefali Nandan

E-Governance and Society
7. Advance in ICT Beneficial to Government and Education in a Post-Apartheid South Africa Liza C. Van Jaarsveldt

8. Understanding Factors Affecting Consumer Adoption of Broadband in India: A Pilot Study Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Michael D. Williams, Banita Lal, Vishanth Weerakkody and Sneha Bhatt

9. Social Impact of Computerisation of Land Records Vinay Thakur, D. Dutta, Ganesh Khadanga and D.S. Venkatesh

10. Need for Octapace Culture in Tourism Sector: An Instrument for Organizational Dynamics S.A. Mufeed and S.N. Rafai

11. Social Dimensions of E-Government- Poverty Perspective Sandeep Kaur and N. Mathiyalagan

12. Does E-Governance Enhance Trust in Government? Amitabh Ojha and M.P. Gupta

13. ICTs for the Effective Usage of Blue Ocean Strategy for Societal Development: An analysis with reference to the parameters of capability Vinay Sharma, Piyush Seth and Shujauddin Niyazi

14. Socio-Politico Dimension of Information Communications Technologies: Exploring the Options of Realizing Human Rights in India Chetan Basavaraj Singai

15. IMPACT: Blending Civil Construction with ICT for Cost Effective Transparency Dharam Vir, Ghan Shyam Bansal and Neeraj Singhal

16. JANAVANI: A Model On-line e-Governance Initiative for Citizens’ Interaction Management Susanta Kumar Mohapatra, Jagannath Prasad Bakshi, Kartik Chandra Panda and Sushant Kumar Panda

17. Decentralization and E-Government Services: Case Based Study in Gujarat T. Kumar and Harekrishna Misra

18. E-SANGEEVANI: A Mobile Village Hospital R.V.V. Prasad Rao, D. Balakrishna, S. Sandeep Goud, M. Sujeeth Nanda and R. Damodaram

19. E-Governance Initiatives in Government Departments Sudhir Kumar, Anand Prakash, Arun Kundra, Saurabh Sinha and Shubham Sinha

20. Moving Towards a Citizen-Centric Organisation: A Case Study of Singapore’s Jurong Town Corporation Neeraj Sethi and Vijay Sethi

21. Basic Amenities and Services Management in Rural Areas through 'PARAKH' M. Vinayak Rao, Prakash Rao and Kamlesh Joshi

22. Performance Management Through E-Government M. Vinayak Rao, Prakash Rao and Kamlesh Joshi

23. Organizational Health Monitoring Model: Implementation of e-Governance Nirmal Kumar Roy, Anirban Sarkar and Gautam Bandhopadyay

24. Child Record Information System (ChRIS) Anil Srivastava

25. 'Samadhan ek Diwas': Governance in a Day Sanjay Dubey

E-governance for Rural Society
26. ICT for Rural Development: An Inclusive Framework for e-Governance Charru Malhotra, V.M. Chariar, L.K. Das and P.V. Ilavarasan

27. E-halli: An Opportunity to become Rural Enterpreneurs Swami Tribhuvananda HV

28. Cost effective Solution for effective e-Governance-e-Panchayat (Example of Exemplary Leadership and ICT Achievement of the year) C.S.R. Prabhu

29. SAP-LAP Analysis: Gyan Ganga, E-Gram and Communication Information Centers (CIC) Priyanka Kokil

30. Telereferral Services of NIC – A Helping Hand for the Doctors and Inhabitants of KBK Districts of Orissa Rama Krushna Dash, Shefali S. Dash, Naina Pandita and Manas Ranjan Patra

31. Towards a Strategy for e-Governance in Agriculture Sector-Exploring the Continuity and Change Forces P.K. Suri and Sushil

32. Rural Telecom in India: Marketing Issues and Experiences from other countries Rajesh K. Aithal and Arunabha Mukhopadhyay

33. A Social Network-based Communication Framework for Interest–wise Clustered Farmers Tapati Bandopadhyay, Pradeep Kumar and Anil K. Saini

Supporting the Economy and Business
34. Creating Comparative Advantage for Micro-Enterprises Through E-Governance Jerry Gosen

35. E-Governance for Small and Medium Enterprises Varuna Godara and Rakesh Agrawal

36. E-Government & Public Policy for Poverty Eradication and Empowerment Ali Asghar Pourezzat, Mostafa Nejati Ajibisheh and Mehran Nejati Ajibisheh

37. WSHG : A Vehicle for Women Self Reliance Susanta Kumar Panda, Manas Ranjan Patra, Rama Krushna Dash and Subhash Chandra Misra

38. Revenue Management from Traditional System to Modern System in Himachal Pradesh Amar Jeet Singh and Mohini Bhardwaj

39. A Study of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the Impact of E-Technology B.K.R. Naik, Sudhir K. Jain and Surendra S. Yadav

40. Mobile Advertising: A Revolutionary Method of Business to Consumer (B2C) Communication for Promoting M-Governance Sadaf Tanveer, Faruque Azam and Anil Panikar

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