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Critical Thinking in e-Governance - Edited by Jaijit Bhattacharya
Emerging Technologies in e Government – Edited by G.P.Sahu
E Governance in Practice – Edited by Amitabh Ojha
Emerging Technologies in E-Government
Technology in Governance
Technology in Government: Some Lessons
  Neeta Shah
A Decision Support System for Village Economy Development Planning
  Arvind Selwal
A Peep into Adaptive and Intelligent Web based Education Systems
  Vijayalaxmi Sirohi
Service oriented Architecture for Business Dynamics: An Agent-based Approach
  O.P. Rishi, Ashok Sharma, Archana Bhatnagar and Ashutosh Gupta
Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Evolving Effective Strategies for Enhancing Financial Inclusion
  Vishnuprasad Nagadevara
Ranking Police Administration Units on the Basis of Crime Prevention Measures using Data Envelopment
  Analysis and Clustering
  Manish Gupta, B. Chandra and M.P. Gupta
Best Practices around GREEN IT Data Center: An exploratory Field Study
  Vinayshil Gautam and Ajay Ahuja
Green computing - New Horizon of Energy Efficiency and E-Waste Minimization – World Perspective vis-à-vis
  Indian Scenario
  Sanghita Roy and Manigrib Bag
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Infrastructure in India: A Study
  MM Chaturvedi, MP Gupta and Jaijit Bhattacharya
Need for an Overhaul in Investigation and Prosecution of Cyber Crimes in India
  Barun Kumar Sahu
Information Security Assessment and Reporting: Distributed Defense
  D.S. Bhilare, A.K. Ramani and Sanjay Tanwani
Secured Delivery of Record of Rights: A G2C Strategy and Implementation
  Ganesh Khadanga, Vinay Thakur, D.S. Venkatesh and D.C. Mishra
Privacy Technology for E-Governance
  Jaijit Bhattacharya
Open Source
Open Source Platform and Sustainability
  Punam Gupta and Sapna Kapoor
Different Methodologies and Methods of E-Governance Using Open Source Technology
  R. Srinivasan and G. Iyyakutti Iyappan
Quality Prediction of Open Source Software for e-Governance Project
  Chethan Venkatesh, Manish Kumar, D Evangelin Geetha and T.V.Suresh Kumar
Project Management
Understanding Phases of E-government Project
  Asma Al-Hashmi and Abdul Basit Darem
Towards a Framework for Planning and Implementation of E-Governance Projects
  P.K.Suri and Sushil
Measurement of Public Value of Enterprise Applications in Government and Public Sector
  Niraj Prakash, M.P. Jaiswal and Umesh Gulla
Enterprise Infrastructure Management, IT Outsourcing and Value Creation
  K.M. Mital
NICEG - A SDLC Model Specifically Designed to Address the Challenges of E-governance Projects
  Ashis Kumar Mahapatra and Niladri Bihari Mohanty
E-governance Challenges and Strategies for Better-managed Projects
  Rajat K Baisya and Siddhartha Paul Tiwari
Challenges of E-government Implementation in India
  Prabhudatt Dwivedi and G P. Sahu
Dimensions of Interoperability for an Effective Portal
  Rakhi Tripathi , M.P. Gupta and Jaijit Bhattacharya
Biztalk as Interoperability Tool to Application Integration in E-Government
  Abdul Basit Darem, Suresha B.M. and Asma Al-Hashmi
Why Enterprise Architecture is must for One-Stop e-Government?
  Ajay Ahuja and Neena Ahuja
Semantically Driven Architecture for Governance
  Deepti, Rama Hariharan and Deepak Chand Misra
Key Issues of Personal Information Integration in E-Government
  Velamala Ranga Rao, Rakhi Tripati and M P Gupta
Towards a Semantic Web of e-Governance: An Ontological Schema of the Constitution of India
  Navjyoti Singh, Abhishek Sainani
An Open Ontology Framework for Functional Composability Analysis of One Stop Government Portals
  A. Sreejith, Rakhi Tripathi and M.P. Gupta
E-Governance: Single Portal for Integrated Examination System
  Amar Jeet Singh and Mohini Bhardwaj
Intellectual Property Rights
Mobile Phone – A Passbook for Government Services
  Ved Prakash Gulati and Shilpa Srivastava
Challenge of Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Government
  Ashis Kumar Mahapatra and Sukanta Kumar Sahu
Mobile Forensics: an Overview, Tools, Future trends and Challenges from Law Enforcement perspective
  Rizwan Ahmed and Rajiv V. Dharaskar
Secure Mobile Based Voting System
  Manish Kumar, T.V.Suresh Kumar, M. Hanumanthappa and D Evangelin Geetha
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