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SIGeGov Objectives
Enable creation of knowledge repository on eGovernance best practices pan India in the areas of Life cycle processes, Business process reengineering, use of technology for effective delivery of services/ realization of goals, project management, management of change, People Management etc.

Promote and share information gathered and enable cross learning from successful projects/initiatives using appropriate platforms and by way of knowledge sharing summits etc

The following activities are proposed:

  • Create a repository of eGovernance initiatives in India.

  • CSI has instituted eGovernance Awards and SIG eGov is expected to implement the awards process. SIG eGov is also to act as the Secretariat for eGovernance awards and maintain updated database in the form of compiling good eGovernance initiatives through publications.

  • Work out assessment framework and Implementation Strategy for eGovernance Projects.

  • Conduct National / International conferences in eGovernance individually or by joining hands with other institutions.

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Special Interest Group on e-Governance

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Prof. D.K. Dwivedi
Convener (Awards)
CSI SIG eGovernance
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