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Critical Thinking in e-Governance - Edited by Jaijit Bhattacharya
Emerging Technologies in e Government – Edited by G.P.Sahu
E Governance in Practice – Edited by Amitabh Ojha
Critical Thinking in E-Governance
Revisiting E-Government
Re-visiting E-government
E-government: A Philosophical Analysis
  Subrahmaniam Krishnan Harihara and Andrew Basden
Select Aspects of Conceptual Foundations of E-government-3 Moving to the Virtual State
  D. C. Misra
Emerging Trends in E-Government
  Mohan Datar, Anil Panikar and Jamal Farooqui
Guiding Principals of E-Governance Strategy
  Rekha Prasad
Strategic Marketing of E-Government for Technology Adoption Facilitation
  Neeraj Pandey and Geetika
Inter-Governmental issues
Shared Public Services: A Western IT Perspective
  Gautam Nayer
A New Public Management Perspective in Indian E-Governance Initiatives
  Gyan Prakash and Avantika Singh
Decentralization and E-governance in Indian Context: A Case based Study
  T. Kumar, Harekrishna Misra and Debi Prasad Mishra
The Success Transmission Model from Governance to E-Governance
  Sundresan Perumal, Norita Md Norwawi, and Subramaniam Muniandy
Enhancing the G2G Services by Accounting and Financial Management System (AFMIS)
  Abdul Basit Darem, Suresha B. Mand and Asma Al-Hashmi
Global e-Governance Guidelines for Government Departments
  Sudhir Kumar, Anand Praksh, Arun Kundra, Saurabh Sinha and Shubham Sinha
E-Government in a State Public Work Department
  Sudhir Kumar, Anand Praksh, Arun Kundra, Saurabh Sinha and Shubham Sinha
Critical Success Factors – Haryana E-gov Experience
  Dharam Vir and Ghanshyam Bansal
Information Systems Planning: Indian Railways Experience
  Sanjay Nayyar, Vinayshil Gautam and M.P. Gupta
Stakeholder Empowerment through Participatory Governance: A Case Study
  Neeta Verma, Sangeeta Singh and Durga Prasad Misra
Soft Issues
Computing ‘professionals’ in E-Governance: Policy Implications
  P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan and Malish C M
A Model for Impact of E-Government on Corruption: Exploring Theoretical Foundations
  Amitabh Ojha, Shailendra Palvia and M. P. Gupta
Shhh! – Knowledge Hiding in E-Governance
  Sunil Godse
Leadership Traits and Styles Underlying Successful E-Governance
  Ashish K. Srivastava and H. M. Jha “Bidyarthi
An Information Architecture for RTI
  Veena Ramanna and CV Madhukar
G2B Services
Effective Public Private Partnership through E-Governance Facilitation
  Vinay Sharma and Piyush Seth
The Role of Transparency in Industry and Government E-governance Research and Applications
  Stan Kachnowski and Shubhendu Pathak
A Causal Model of Dwindling Bidder Size in Government Procurement Auctions – A Case Study
  Sidhartha S. Padhi and Pratap K. J. Mohapatra
E-Procurement for the Public Sector: Determinants of Attitude Towards Adoption
  Maniam Kaliannan, Halimah Awang, Murali Raman and Magiswary Dorasamy
E-Governance for Small and Medium Enterprises in a Developing Country like Fiji: Potentials and Problems
  Pramila Devi
Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation in Indian SMEs: Issues and Challenges
  P. T. Kale, S. S. Banwait and S. C. Laroiya
ICT and Strategic Product Management: A Case Study of Newspaper Industry
  Geetika and Rajesh Tripathi
Intellectual Property Rights
IPR Management: Emerging Cyberspace Issues in Knowledge Society: A Critical Analysis
  Gunmala Suri
Governance of Intellectual Property Strategy for a Technical Institute Effective Policy Formulation
  Shefalika Ghosh Samaddar
An Investigative Analysis of International Registration Systems of Intellectual Property
  Praveen Kumar Gupta and Rajan Vohra
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